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What is K·pay?

K·pay is a way for developers to accept money for their Fitbit or Pebble apps and watch-faces. It is not a way to pay for products/items with your watch.

I do not want to purchase this app/clockface. How do I stop these messages?

These messages are shown because you are using a paid app or clockface of which the trial has expired. If you do not want to pay for the app or clockface, remove the app, or install another clockface from the appstore, and the messages will automatically stop. All clockfaces and apps clearly mention in their description if they are paid or not, so it should not be hard to find a free one instead.

I already paid, why am I charged a second time?

Currently there is an issue on the Fitbit platform which causes this problem. The current Fitbit SDK does not allow us to uniquely identify you again after you installed another clockface to test. This will cause the clockface you already purchased to think you are a new user and ask for payment again.
You can unlock your clockface again for free here. Then follow a few simple steps and you will be up and running again in no time.
We hope Fitbit will fix this problem with their SDK soon and allow us to make the user experience better for our customers. Feel free to vote for this issue to be solved faster here.

I entered the 5-digit code on the purchase page and it tells me that code is unknown or already used

Each code is valid for one hour. This probably means your code is expired. Normally it should refresh automatically after an hour, but the Fitbit watches have some connection issues which sometimes cause the watch being unable to reach our server, and the new code is never displayed. We hope Fitbit will solve these problems soon so we can offer a better user experience.

For now the solution is to make the clockface restart, which will force a new code to be loaded and displayed.
You can do this by opening the settings on your watch, then backing out of those settings till you are in the clockface again. This will cause a clockface restart. In case that does not work, you can also shutdown and restart your watch.

Why should I use K·pay?

Developers work hard and we understand that, so why shouldn't you get paid for your hard work? We made K·pay easy to add, and easy to get the money that you deserve. It takes minutes to setup and to start collecting money.

Does K·pay have support for the Fitbit Ionic and Versa?

Yes! Besides the pebble watches we also have a library for the Fitbit Ionic and Versa. In your account, click on the "Download Library" button for any of your products, and choose for the Fitbit library in the list.

How does K·pay work exactly?

Once the user downloads the app/face with K·pay integrated, the user's watch will then vibrate and present a 5 digit code. The code is entered at where they can purchase access to the app/watch-face. Once purchased, the code screen disappears on the watch and they can continue to use the app/face as normal.

Can I integrate my device with K·pay to support paid apps?

Yes! We are always looking for new partnerships. Our server architecture and API are very generic and usable for any type of (IoT) device. As long as your device has internet access and is able to communicate a 5-digit number to your customers, it can support paid apps with K·pay. Contact us for more info.

What does it cost to start using K·pay?

There is no cost to start using K·pay. K·pay does, however, take a 27% fee for each purchase with a minimum of $0.27 USD.

What does K·pay offer for this 27% fee?
  • K·pay saves you the trouble of creating and maintaining an Android or iOS companion app just to charge money for your watchfaces or apps (and pay a 30% fee in that case).
  • The K·pay purchase rate and income is significantly higher than standalone donation rates for Fitbit or Pebble apps and watchfaces.
  • K·pay handles all sales tax requirements worldwide. Feel free to review Vatmoss, a complex tax structure implemented across the EU. K·pay handles these taxes for you, as well as any other such tax structures around the world *
  • A secure and easy to integrate library.
  • A stable and fast online environment hosted in the cloud which allows you to manage your products, bundles and discounts with ease, and also offers a great sales dashboard and sales history.
  • Support for you and your customers, we strive to answer within 24 hours to any support request.
    You can contact us for support by mail or in our discord chat.
  • A user friendly and good looking purchase process for your customers.
  • The choice to pay with either PayPal or credit/debit card for your customers.
  • The possibility to run your app in test mode so you can test the K·pay integration and licensing process as often as you want without having to spend money.
  • K·pay is a system built upon more then 2 years of experience with selling watchfaces and apps for Fitbit and Pebble, first with Kiezel Watchfaces, later with K·pay.

* K·pay handles all sales tax requirements. However handling the revenue you as developer will gain from K·pay as "income" and all tax requirements following from that in your country of residence is your own responsibility.

As a developer, how do I get paid and receive my money?

Currently we only do payouts via PayPal. Developers are paid out every last thursday of the month through a verified PayPal account. We will not send your income via any other source.

Does K·pay accept credit/debit card payments for developer payouts?

Yes, but the merchants have the option to disable credit/debit card payments in their account. So it is possible that for some apps you can only pay with PayPal.

Why do you charge an extra $0.20 fee for customer credit/debit card payments?

The exact extra cost depends on the price of the app being sold, but on average, it costs us an extra $0.20 to process credit card payments compared to PayPal. Our profit margins are not large enough to absorb this extra cost, on cheaper apps we would even loose money for each purchase if we did that. Merchants can choose to charge the $0.20 extra fee to the customer, or absorb this fee themselves.

If you do not want to pay the $0.20 extra fee, use PayPal instead. It is possible to link your credit/debit card in the PayPal account as payment source.

Do you issue refunds?

We are working to add this feature. Currently tell your customer to create a PayPal dispute or contact us for the refund. Note: Fees charged for refunds by our Payment Services Provider (typical $0.05 per refund) are taken out of the developers earnings and not by paid by K·pay.

We issue refunds for digital products within 30 days of the original purchase of the product. We recommend contacting us for assistance if you experience any issues. If you have any questions about our Returns and Refunds Policy, please contact us at

I purchased the full package of Kiezel Watchfaces, why do I have to pay again for app/face X?

Kiezel Watchfaces and K·pay are not the same. When you buy the full package of Kiezel Watchfaces, that will give you access to all watchfaces you can find at (not the watch apps).

On the other hand, K·pay is a payment system that can be used by any developer that wants to help fund their smartwatch development through paid apps. In conclusion, any watchface that is not listed on was not made by Kiezel, and is not included in the Kiezel Watchfaces package.

Can I add K·pay to an already built face/app?

Yes. Once you release the new version, the watchface (with K·pay installed) will be upgraded and trial mode will be activated. Once the trial ends the user will need to purchase the app/face in order to continue using.

How do I add K·pay to my app/face?

The best way to get started is to sign-up for an account and visit our developer documentation page. Then just follow our easy step by step guide.

How long does it take to add K·pay to my app/face?

For an average developer it takes about 30-60 minutes.

I bought my own app, why is it unlicensed again when I test a new version during development?

Side-loaded development apps/watchfaces get another account token then apps/watchfaces installed from the store. For that reason K·pay will not recognize that you already have a license for the app. The easiest way to solve this is to buy the sideloaded version of your app, with a 100% discount code so it does not cost you any money. From that moment on K·pay will have a license for your side loaded app account token and you can test upgrades without problems.

I released my app with K·pay but keep getting mails that say "Thank you for purchasing...". What is going on?

This probably means you forgot to disable test-mode in the app and other people are "purchasing" your app in test mode. To fix this, release an update of your app as soon as possible with test mode disabled. Everyone that "purchased" your app when test mode was enabled, will see a new payment notification within 24 hours (as soon as the periodic recheck happens) and will have to pay for real this time to unlock the app again.

How do I sell all my faces/apps as a package?

We support this with our bundles feature. You can simply create a new bundle on the products page in your account. When the customer installs one of your apps which is part of a bundle, he will get the choice to purchase the complete bundle, or only the single app.

I forgot my password, what do I do?

Please visit and you can follow the steps to reset your password.

What if I don't have a PayPal account? How do I get paid?

Currently this is the only way we can pay you. A PayPal account is required if you want to get the money that you make.

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